I Was In Woman’s Own!

Yup! Little old me made my way to the pages of Woman’s Own as one issue’s “From The Heart” piece! Just in case you are wondering, I didn’t write it myself. My story was written by the wonderful Bess Browning and she did an amazing job.

I’m really glad I have been able to get my story further and further out there and I still plan to work hard at continuing to raise awareness of cervical cancer, smear testing, the HPV vaccine.

I have a pretty huge goal of achieving yearly contact with a gynaecologist including yearly smear testing. I believe that the HPV vaccine, amazing as it is, is going to be used as an excuse to be lazy in testing and this is what creates the kind of net that women fall through. That I fell through.

For now, the best I can hope to achieve is spreading my story in the hope that it will spur women on to book their smears, to go to their doctors if they are concerned about their symptoms, to consent to their daughters having the HPV vaccine.

That’s all from me for now, but how cool is it that I ended up in a magazine too?

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