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A Little Baby Post: Bamboo Bamboo

Hello all!

I expect if you’re here you’re either a mum of a little, or looking for a gift for a mum with a baby, or maybe you’re just a really devoted blog reader (all of the above just makes you lovely). But this post is about the baby stick-down table wear brand called Bamboo Bamboo. Wildly raved about on the BLW (that’s baby led weaning) pages and groups as great stick down plates and bowls made from, you guessed it, bamboo!

Bamboo Bamboo was originally created by a father of four, Joel, who was sick of facing a world of plastic crap when it came to baby feeding basically, he wanted something better for his kids, better for the planet and something harder to launch off of the highchair too. The brand story behind Bamboo Bamboo is definitely worth a read so click here to find out more about Joel’s journey.

As well as being made in an all natural, organic material with the silicone parts being totally food safe, they come in some ridiculously cute shapes. We have the Bunny plate & a more generic divider plate but you can also get super cute fox-shaped ones and sheep shaped one as well as a standard but slightly lipped plate with no divider in it. But, Bamboo Bamboo actually started off with their brilliant little bowls that come with a spoon, and you can buy extra spoons too if you fancy.

I won’t lie, they are on the “dear” side of things, with one plate or bowel & Spoon being £14.99 on Amazon (it is on prime though, hello next day shipping!). But are they worth it?

Do you know what? Yes, they are, as much as I know that my little one can still pull her plate/bowl up she only tends to do that once it’s empty and in general, it slows her down enough to stop plates on floor scenario anyway. I actually don’t think there is any stick down plates/bowls on the baby feeding market they don’t eventually learn to flip up anyway, so I am really willing to let that go.

It’s this kind of product at the price level it’s at that I think can be easily classed as gimmicky and overlooked despite being multiple award-winning products, but I genuinely don’t think these products are gimmicky, they work, they aid self-feeding no end. Plus, I really like that you can remove the stick-down-ring and continue to use the plates & bowls into toddlerhood, meaning you can continue to use for kids favourite plate for as long as possible.

So why am I spreading the word about the stick-down feature? Because it enables my daughter to easily feed herself without her plate or bowl sliding around. A sliding bowl or plate just seems to create a whole new bunch of frustration or just a fun game to see how far she can fling the plate because she’s lost interest in trying to actually bother getting the food. It turns out that having food that stays put when you try to pick it up is definitely a huge bonus when perfecting your pincer grasp coming up to one, and then actually using it at age one.

The bowl serves amazingly for any “sloppier” food, cereal, porridge, spag bol, soup, whatever and is a great portion size. Tiny one has no trouble feeding herself with a spoon from it because of the shape of the bowl, she is never left frustrated trying to get bits of food onto the spoon – just because she’s finished!

It’s all about the little things too with this brand, take the separated off bunny plate is great for breakfast or lunches where I am splitting savoury and sweet foods into the same meal as I can divide them up and not create too many weird taste sensations (though my Tiny one doesn’t seem to care – ha!).


So in summary, while they might be on the slightly more costly side investing in a couple of these items is definitely worth it for weaning, I have enough to make sure I can cover all the meals my Tiny one has at home with one of these plates. They are brilliant products that make you feel like not only does your kid have a super cute, practical and hardwearing plate, but you have purchased a product that reduces plastic waste into the world too. Ideal right?

I hope you enjoyed the post & I’ll see you all soon I hope – loads of love xx

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