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Newbury Cancer Care Trust

This is a little charity that is very local to me. They provide help to local cancer patients like myself. Anything from transport to and from the hospital, financial grants to help with anything that might be troubling you and two major feats of theirs include Rainbow Rooms and The Rosemary Appeal.

I was fortunate enough to be nominated by one of the amazing District Nurses who has been treating me at home for the financial grant from the Newbury Cancer Care Trust and I was even luckier to be granted it. It was an incredibly generous amount and it has been incredibly helpful to me.

The Rainbow Rooms are at our local hospital, there are four of them split across two wards that are all the comfort of a private room, with an adjoining family room that includes a kitchenette for patients who are at end of life care so that their family can stay with them 24/7 without the fear of not being with them at the end.

The Rosemary Appeal is for a whole new wing to our local hospital providing services like renal dialysis, chemotherapy, IV Therapies, CT Scanning and Day Hospice all of which would benefit the local community massively – especially patients like me. They are still raising the money for it so if this is the kind of small local project you like to try and support in your charitable donations then please check them out by clicking the button below

They also provide help with travelling too and from the hospital, if you find yourself without any way to get there, are too poorly to use public transport etc.

Newbury Cancer Care also provides night nursing and equipment for at home, complementary therapies and much, much more. For a little charity, they are doing their absolute utmost to support as many people as they can with cancer. It’s such an honourable and worthy cause.

I actually have a pinned post on my Facebook Page that allows you to quickly and easily Donate to the Newbury Care Cancer Trust and it would be great if we could raise them a few pennies, so you can find it by clicking here



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