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Chemo Round 2 Update

So, this is round 2 (or 3) depending on how you look at it.

The fatigue hit me hard, as always and then as the steroids finished the pain started to kick in and oramorph was no longer helping so we moved onto fentanyl tablets which dissolve under your tongue (and actually don’t taste too bad – bonus!) which worked for a while, until the night that it didn’t and we found that we were calling out nurses every 4 hours, except for during the night when I attempted to get through on fentanyl. In the end, after tripling the dose of fentanyl to no effect, we opted for a syringe driver full of glorious morphine.  It worked beautifully.

I’ve still got it in – which is rather unexpected but necessary for the time being. We are hoping to transition to fentanyl patches sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, the morphine syringe driver has had to be resited due to it causing an infection in my left leg that is really rather painful.

Oh and today Tom noted I had a fair few eyelashes on my cheek that had fallen out. Another side effect of the chemotherapy #sadtimes

Otherwise, I’ve had a pretty productive cycle in terms of working on the blog and also a great start to half term with my gorgeous girl pumpkin carving and with a friends help, taking her to a brilliant softplay about 30-40 minutes away, that she absolutely loved.

In general, I’d say I’m tolerating the chemo fairly well. Although it’s bloody hard work things are looking positive. Next cycle is a big one, as it’s the halfway point and features a scan.

Oh and I went viral (a bit) on facebook which was really exciting and I hope to get bigger and stronger with a louder voice to get my message across.

I’m finding myself simultaneously desperate to know what is going on, but also not wanting to know in case it isn’t good news. But anyway, hopefully, the next time you read one of these I’ll be telling you they saw shrinkage in the tumours eh?


Lots of love xxxx


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