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Look Good Feel Better

I’d like to introduce you to a brilliant charity called Look Good Feel Better. I’m sure some of you have probably heard of this charity, but they certainly aren’t the most well-known charity either. Born in the USA, they work with cancer patients up and down the country to help them counter the physical effects chemotherapy.

When I was given all the information about the type of chemotherapy I was going to be having, I was told not only was I going to lose my hair on my head but all my hair, including eyelashes and eyebrows.

I won’t lie, for me, losing the hair on my head wasn’t so bad. But the thought of losing my eyebrows and lashes did frighten me. Brows frame your face and I really didn’t want to look permanently surprised for months on end and I couldn’t picture eye makeup without eyelashes if that makes sense?

I am really into my makeup and actually have a certificate in cosmetic makeup and worked in beauty retail at Space NK but while I’ve successfully drawn eyebrows in from scratch on others, doing things on yourself is always a different issue altogether. I can wing eyeliner on anyone – but me. What that is all about I do not know.

My lovely Sue Ryder team booked me onto a course and I was really nervous about going. I’d say I was definitely the youngest there, but still, there is something about makeup that makes age irrelevant when you get going and chatting about colours and the transformation makeup can have on a person.

There were these amazing white bags set up at each space and when we got to open them we found all the products we needed for a whole face of makeup from a whole range of brands including Eve Lom, Lancome, It Cosmetics, Clinique, Bare Minerals, and NO.7.

We had a fabulous time learning new tips and tricks about doing makeup for no lashes and the amazing makeup artist Joyce Connor (Find her on Insta @joyceconnormakeup – she is AMAZING her work is incredible) taught us how to draw in our brows for when we don’t have any in a natural looking way – this was the bit I was fascinated most with as it scares me the most!

We all chatted and helped each other along the way and complimented each other on our new looks at the other end.

This class made a lot of difference to me. It sounds stupid, but I really lost my confidence when I was diagnosed originally, it wasn’t helped by the recurrence and then the colostomy etc. It is really so easy to lose yourself in that and this class gave me a reminder of who I am and what I love to do and I love to sit down and put on my makeup before I go out. It makes me feel put together and complete (plus I love a good product in gorgeous packing that feels luxurious and wonderful)

So here I am, post Look Good Feel Better – I just loved it and thanks to them I really did feel better too.



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