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A Super Special Happy Mail!

My goodness. I am SO phenomenally lucky to have so many incredible people around me right now. I don’t want to sound like I’m overly gushing, but I feel so lucky. This Happy Mail has a bit more of a background to it. You see, the sender is a very courageous young woman whom I happened to be friends with at school. Her name is Stephie, and when I remember her at school I think of one of the bubbliest, most vivacious girls. We just sort of lost touch as everyone chose different colleges and different universities and all of a sudden there was adult life.

As time went by I had heard on the grapevine that Stephie had been unwell, sort of heard that it was cancer but I didn’t reach out because, well, to be honest, I don’t know why. I think I felt awkward and like too much time had gone by. Luckily for me, Stephie did not feel the same way when she heard my story. She immediately shared my post and got in touch. I don’t think she even hesitated to, but then, I don’t think that is all that surprising.

You see, Stephie is a warrior. She beat Ovarian cancer at the age of 23. She overcame a mountain and she is still smiling and coming across like that bubbly, vivacious teenager I recall from school. When she reached out to me it was very sad at first, who could have thought that two of us from our year group would suffer from gynaecological cancers in our 20’s. But it was also incredibly heartwarming that she did reach out.

She has heard my story, and I have heard hers – I don’t want to tell too much because I’m really hoping she’ll write a guest post for the blog all about it. She tells it so beautifully and it is definitely a story that needs to be heard.

She also sent me a wonderful package (well, some for me some for the girls). So, thank you, Stephie, you have no idea how much that cookie jar is loved and my one-year-old is a fiend for gingerbread – no really, she adores it!

Then came the Burts Bees, a fabulous little set for me to carry and indulge myself in every now and again, to remind me to be kind to myself.

Though, my favourite gift is the Get Well Recipe for sure. How could it not be? I’m going to carry that little pouch with me in my handbag to remind me I have all I need to keep fighting.

I am so touched by your gifts and even more thrilled to be in contact again. You are honestly wonderful and have given me so much comfort and hope. So while I am definitely saying a huge thank you for these gorgeous, thoughtful gifts, thank you even more for getting in touch and being so incredible after so many years.

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