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Pumpkin Carving & Half Term Round Up

I’m a tad behind on my posts for the blog because, well… cancer. But I’m here, catching up!

During half term, I took my gorgeous biggest little pumpkin carving at a local farm park with some buddies. When we arrived we walked up to the pumpkin patch where each of them picked their own pumpkins to carve.

Off to the carving tent, we went (after a quick pit stop for coffee and juice, but of course)! That’s where mucky the fun began! The girls had great fun pulling out the gooey insides and getting their hands mucky, while we three mums supervised carefully while sipping our drinks!

Then the time came to carve our faces. We were put to the test, but we even managed eyelashes and even some eyebrows so I think we won!

They had even thoughtfully decorated the tent with hay bales, ideal for post carving success photographs, and who can forget to take a photo with silly faces? Not us! hurrah!

We had an absolutely smashing time doing a really fun activity with great friends. What a real treat for us!

The following day we saw our buddies for soft play at another farm park nearish to us which was fabulous fun – two hours to chat and enjoy a drink or two (non-alcoholic I promise – though I reckon they would make a fortune if they sold wine!) while the kids played in the soft play and had an absolute blast!

It was particularly nice to go out and do something normal as a mum with her daughter during half term. These little moments of normalcy are what make everything else a bit more bearable.

Sadly things went a bit downhill from there, having kept my tiny one off nursery for the morning to spend some time with her on Wednesday, I ended up with a fever over 39 degrees and ended up with an infection in my leg where my driver was sited. This meant I had to go to A&E for antibiotics and further tests, and the rest of it… well, I’ll save all that for my Round 3 post.

It didn’t end so badly for O who got to make her very own Unicorn on Thursday and then rounded up the week with skull painting in our local museum followed by a Halloween party with a couple of her chums at the local gardening centre that included a treasure hunt, witch hat making, a yummy dinner and other activities too. It was a busy week – that’s for sure!

Love to you all xxx

*Note the images shared have been done so with the permission of the children’s mothers – but of course!



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