Etsy Shop Spotlight: Under The Rowan Trees

I have spent many an hour scouring the internet for cute little journaling accessories and the like. It’s kind of my thing, I get a real thrill out of a nice journal. I love to decorate the pages and bring them to life. My Sister, Sophie, has a bit of a similar thing about journals as me too, so for Christmas it should come as no surprise we agreed on swapping journal based gifts, with me putting together a fun journal kit for her; thus you can imagine my delight when I found a little shop on Etsy who specialise in quirky stationary and crafty type bits. Huzzah!

Under The Rowan Trees is a brand run by Danielle Stanley, she not only maintains her own website and blog as well as two Etsy stores: Under The Rowan Trees which is all about crafts kits and making amazing things and Under The Rowan Tree’s Supplies which focuses on the funky stationary side of things. Under the Rowan Trees is a fab store but, it’s the supply store I fell in love with at first browse.

From incredibly cute paper clips to really cute washi tapes and dispensers for them to bullet journals and glitter pens and that’s not even mentioning the incredibly lovely stickers etc. There is definitely something for pretty much any BuJo or journaling fanatic that likes to decorate their pages.

I have made a few purchases from Rowan Trees Supplies and each time they arrive beautifully boxed and wrapped in tissue paper that make it feel like you’ve recieved a gift.

I’ve bought pens and washi tapes galore from this store, some paper clips (with a difference), clip on pen loops and flamingo clips (because who doesn’t love flamingo clips? The quality of everything is just lovely and I really enjoy using the items as I journal.

Rowan Tree’s Supplies also offers a subscription based stationary box which sounds like it would be lovely to receive each month, its £50 for a three month subscription – a perfect gift for any stationery addict you might know.

So, if my post has left you feeling a little bit like you might want to give this amazing little shop a visit let me help you out! Here are all the necessary links you need to follow Under The Rowan Trees (both the craft and the supplies store) on Facebook and shop with them on Etsy:

I’ll be featuring other little Etsy shops as and when I find them and become obsessed. I hope the stationery lovers enjoyed this post, I hope it has encouraged some of you to become stationary addicts too… washi tape is cheaper and easier to hide from the hubby than shoes, after all.

Lots of love xx


  • Melanie

    “washi tape is cheaper and easier to hide from the hubby than shoes, after all.” haha that made me laugh – mostly because I then thought hell yes that’s true! I don’t even know what washi tape is – but I am sure I should have it in my life so I am about to find out – off to Etsy I go …..
    Thank you Ellie another great post x

    • Ellie

      Washi tape can be used as decoration on monthly title pages, or as ways to mark a day/week etc or even tee weather. just looks damned pretty haha xx

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