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My Partner in Parenthood

He doesn’t get enough credit, truth be told. The man that has been propping me up since my pregnancy with our second baby begun.

Who has bent over backwards, I sense sometimes to his own detriment, to support and be there for me.

Who has not only loved me, but also accepted me at my lowest moments, when I feel like the walls are closing in on me and the sound of crying might have finally sent me completely insane.

Who knows me so well he literally sat in my eye site for pretty much my entire labour, knowing that I cope best when I can see him. I’m not sure he knows that’s because knowing he’s there gives me a security and a strength I’ve never known before.

He is my best friend, my Husband, my partner in parenting.

He doesn’t know he’s never more attractive than when he’s being dad to our girls. He’s their hero and watching their little faces light up when they see him is a magic I’m so glad I get to witness.

He works himself silly to make sure that we all have everything we could ever possibly need and in most cases want too.

So even though we are in the UK and Thanksgiving isn’t a thing here, it is still right around the corner & I thought I’d still take the chance to be thankful this year and say how thankful I am for him.


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