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Going, uh, Viral?!

This post is basically a big huge whopping “THANK YOU” from me if you shared my Facebook post. I am extremely thankful to every single one of you who clicked share, or commented/liked etc. You are helping me to get my message out there and believe me, I have so much more to say!

I’m not sure if you can say it went viral, but it’s the closest I have ever come so I’ll take it!

I cannot believe how far my little post has been, I know it’s made it to several different U.S States as well as parts of Australia and even New Zealand. WOW.

It absolutely blows my mind to think that women all over the world will read that post.

I know it has spurred a few people to book smear tests they’d been delaying, so that in itself is worth it. That is step one!

Smear tests save lives, and they are over in seconds. If you are frightened then ask friend or family member for support, because trust me the fear of a smear is nothing compared to the fear you hear once the word cancer enters your arena. Don’t let your friends skip their smears, make sure to offer support to friends if they need it. They are usually more embarrassing than painful and the nurse that does them isn’t embarrassed, she’s a professional doing her job and she see’s vulva’s and vagina’s on a daily basis most likely, she doesn’t care about the state of your pubes or whatever, she only cares about performing your smear and keeping you safe.

I was diagnose within the 3 year smear window, so the next step is to fight for better access to smear testing, from a younger age. But, gotta kick this cancer’s arse first!




If you’ve not seen it but you’d like to get in on the sharing action then here it is below – and please do keep sharing, it cannot go too far. This message is important!!


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