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    A Little Support Group

    Linked to my facebook page you will now find a linked group called “A Little Support Group”. It’s going to be a female only group focussing on women’s health in all aspects. So please, feel free to join us if you’re going through something right now and you could really do with some like-minded individuals to chat with then click here!

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    Becoming a Published Author

    I return this month with exciting news! I am so excited to announce that my first poetry collection is going to be published before Christmas this year! I joined Book Leaf publisher’s #thewriteangle challenge to write 21 poems in 21 days (though, you were able to use poems you wrote before the challenge), the result for completing the challenge is your book published and talking to publishers after for potential publishing deals. My collection is titled “The Lost Years” and really explores the themes of love, health, loss and death. It’s a culmination of a lot of my emotion surrounding my illness and was really cathartic to write a lot…

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    You are four

    It’s hard to believe that you’ve only been with us for four years, Isla. From the moment you were born you completed our little family. We knew we were always meant to have you. Severe reflux aside, you were a happy baby, a patient babe. You never really made a fuss unless you’re reflux was hurting. You were happiest being held and cuddled. We thought you’d be a quiet little thing who loved books. You’ve turned into the brightest, funniest little girl. You are so caring and kind and your smile is like sunshine, which fits since your favourite colour is yellow. But I wish I could say this day…

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    One Single Thought

    If I had to pin things down to one point in time – no, even smaller – a single morsel of time; the particular thought in fact, then it would have to be this one: I was in the radiology department of the Royal Berkshire Hospital, on level one in the MRI section. The room is standard NHS weird off white colour that seems to weirdly reflect the lights and grey linoleum style flooring for ease of cleaning. My name is called and I stand up to talk to the radiologist. I don’t remember them, only their red scrubs and yellow name badge, and the black beaten up clipboard they…

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    Twenty Twenty

    Twenty Twenty vision. It’s how we describe crystal clear sight. That we are able to see every tiny intimate detail of a scene. That we are able to see for miles and miles or so close you can feel the warmth of your own breath. Twenty Twenty vision is how we talk about the past, express how blurred our vision once was. Or how we talk about the present when things may try to blur it. It doesn’t allow for complacency, it is somehow both raw and unassuming. It takes in the full colour spectrum of beauty and the deepest, darkness of the grotesque. So it somehow seems apt that…

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    The End of a Chapter

    On the 24th of March 2021 a specialist anaesthetic doctor was placing a spinal block and an epidural in my back. Slowly the nerves in my legs that had been causing so much pain were switching off, the pain in my hip was dulling. The doctors helped me lay down and then they placed an oxygen mask over my nose and mouth. My eyes closed and with them so did a whole chapter and of my life. When I came around, I woke up with a new scar that will tell the story of the Avascular Necrosis in my left hip, of the year in bed I was forced to…

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    The House with the Bright Red Door

    When I was a little girl, I always wanted to play mummies and daddies. I obviously always wanted to be said mummy. I remember walking around with a doll up my top pretending to be pregnant. I remember going to garden centres that sold these beautiful play houses that I would always run to and beg my mum and dad for. I never got one of the play houses from a garden centre, though. Instead I got the most beautiful little play house that my dad built for me. He built in two little windows with window boxes that we planted up with pretty flowers. I had a bright red…

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    I’ve put a lot of thought into trying to put my finger on the source of the light that shone from you and I think I’ve figured it out: You knew how to listen to what people were really trying to say. You recognised people for who they were and always treated them with nothing but love, empathy and kindness. You honed those skills as a wife whose husband was a prominent part of the community and could find out on Wednesday she is catering for 40 people on Saturday from the Rotary club and would put on a veritable feast. Ever the hostess, natural and easy, your guests always…