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    A Little Support Group

    Linked to my facebook page you will now find a linked group called “A Little Support Group”. It’s going to be a female only group focussing on women’s health in all aspects. So please, feel free to join us if you’re going through something right now and you could really do with some like-minded individuals to chat with then click here!

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    Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

    Talking to Strangers is the latest book out by Malcolm Gladwell, investigative journalist. This book examines the way we navigate the world in our attempts to make out strangers, who are they, do they pose any threat to me? Etc. It also examines the ways we fail to make sense of them. Gladwell breaks down the tragic story of Ms. Sandra Bland, and why being pulled over for a routine traffic stop, ended in her taking her own life three days later in a jail cell hundreds of miles from home.

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    The Lies We Tell by Niki MacKay

    The Lies We Tell is the second Madison Attallee book by Niki MacKay. Niki has rapidly become one of my favourite crime thriller authors across her three novels so far due not only to great stories and some really clever twists but some brilliant pacing and the use of multiple character vantage points to create a world that doesn’t just lay flat on the pages, it springs into life in your head and, lucky for us, we are getting to access for a while.

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    I, Witness by Niki MacKay

    I witness is the first book that introduces us to Madison Attalee, former Police detective who lost her job, her marriage and her family to the bottom of a bottle. Having managed to get clean, she has started her own private investigation firm and although she’s been getting some work she suddenly find’s herself in a meeting with a new client from a case she worked with the Police, a murder case. Only the perpetrator Kate Reynold’s sits in front of Madison and says she thinks she’s innocent...

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    Found Her by N. J. MacKay

    Hi book worms! This is a full in depth review of Found Her by N. J MacKay spoilers and all, so do be careful reading if you don’t want the spoilers! I found Niki MacKay through a podcast that she is a co-host on with two other authors (Elle Croft and Victoria Selmen) called Crime Girl Gang that I adore. Found her is Niki’s third novel, the first two are based on the same lead character but Found Her takes a break from Madison Attalee to focus on Eve Moriarty.

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    Stationary Subscription Box: Under The Rowan Tree’s

    Under the Rowan Tree’s is a little independent craft and stationery online store that I’ve posted about a few times. The store was founded by Danielle Stanley, a self admitted stationery addict. I first found her on Etsy and I’ve purchased many rolls of washi tape and planners and journals alike. Her stock choice is always on point and the more I’ve purchased and loved from her the more I want to buy from her. It’s definitely become addictive. But this time, I want to talk to you about her subscription box service because, well, guess what? I love that too. Danielle creates a themed stationery box to ship each…

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    A Little Craft Project: Ribboned Notice Board

    My eldest daughter has gotten into taking photos (she got her very own camera for Christmas), putting things up in her room etc and so I decided to make her a ribboned notice board so that she could put little keepsakes up safely, but not have to worry about a four year old (and a curious 18 month old) and pins. I googled around and was shocked at the prices, and decided I would make her one myself. Like all good projects, this one began with a call to my Mum and Dad who have stored every picture frame they have ever owned only to discover they had the perfect…

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    Etsy Shop Spotlight: Under The Rowan Trees

    I have spent many an hour scouring the internet for cute little journaling accessories and the like. It’s kind of my thing, I get a real thrill out of a nice journal. I love to decorate the pages and bring them to life. My Sister, Sophie, has a bit of a similar thing about journals as me too, so for Christmas it should come as no surprise we agreed on swapping journal based gifts, with me putting together a fun journal kit for her; thus you can imagine my delight when I found a little shop on Etsy who specialise in quirky stationary and crafty type bits. Huzzah! Under The…

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    Recipe: One Pot Smoked Haddock Risotto

    It was on a date with my then gorgeous new boyfriend at Bank in London that I first had smoked haddock risotto and I just loved it. They served it with a poached egg which was entirely divine and if I could manage to poach an egg myself I’d serve mine with one too (I know, I know, but for some reason I just cannot get my head around poaching eggs, they always go wrong). I loved it so much I went looking online for recipes and discovered one on the BBC Good Food website.