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A Little Craft Project: Ribboned Notice Board

My eldest daughter has gotten into taking photos (she got her very own camera for Christmas), putting things up in her room etc and so I decided to make her a ribboned notice board so that she could put little keepsakes up safely, but not have to worry about a four year old (and a curious 18 month old) and pins. I googled around and was shocked at the prices, and decided I would make her one myself. Like all good projects, this one began with a call to my Mum and Dad who have stored every picture frame they have ever owned only to discover they had the perfect photo frame to act as a frame to my board.

Ever so cunningly, I planned to abandon the glass attached to the frame, layer cork on top (I know, I said no pins… but I also wanted to future proof my creation by making it a pin board too) and then cover it with a fun fabric, spray paint the frame itself and criss cross the ribbon and hold it in place with glued in embellished drawing pins.

I managed to find rolls of cork on Amazon reasonably priced, and as I was planning on covering the board in fabric it didn’t matter if we had joints etc so I was able to use the roll creatively to cover the back of the frame. Thanks to my bargain hot glue gun it secured pretty quickly and we got ready for the next step: attaching the material.

We glued the fabric into place and I secured it further with a staple gun. Then came a short break as I waited for the ribbon to arrive. If I’d made a video of this process then the following music would be totally appropriate right now

Thankfully it didn’t take too long to arrive and we placed the ribbon over to suit how I was aiming for the board to look before we hot-glued it into place. Next, we needed to secure the cross points of the ribbon so that we could actually tuck in things and them not just either fall down to the bottom of the board, or off altogether. For this I used drawing pins with silver hearts and gold stars glued atop them for some extra embellishment.

Once they were firmly hammered into position we secured the board into the silver frame using good old duct tape and with that it was ready to hang in my gorgeous girls room.

Now, there is just one gap left to fill and let me say, I have my ideas for it! Olivia’s room is really going through a bit a of transformative time right now, one that is moving her on from being a little baby and toddler to little girl with wants, likes, wishes and dreams. I am so honoured to watch her go through this transformation it is truly wonderful.

Anyhoo, I’ll see you in my next crafty post! Xxx

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