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    You are four

    It’s hard to believe that you’ve only been with us for four years, Isla. From the moment you were born you completed our little family. We knew we were always meant to have you. Severe reflux aside, you were a happy baby, a patient babe. You never really made a fuss unless you’re reflux was hurting. You were happiest being held and cuddled. We thought you’d be a quiet little thing who loved books. You’ve turned into the brightest, funniest little girl. You are so caring and kind and your smile is like sunshine, which fits since your favourite colour is yellow. But I wish I could say this day…

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    The House with the Bright Red Door

    When I was a little girl, I always wanted to play mummies and daddies. I obviously always wanted to be said mummy. I remember walking around with a doll up my top pretending to be pregnant. I remember going to garden centres that sold these beautiful play houses that I would always run to and beg my mum and dad for. I never got one of the play houses from a garden centre, though. Instead I got the most beautiful little play house that my dad built for me. He built in two little windows with window boxes that we planted up with pretty flowers. I had a bright red…

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    I’ve put a lot of thought into trying to put my finger on the source of the light that shone from you and I think I’ve figured it out: You knew how to listen to what people were really trying to say. You recognised people for who they were and always treated them with nothing but love, empathy and kindness. You honed those skills as a wife whose husband was a prominent part of the community and could find out on Wednesday she is catering for 40 people on Saturday from the Rotary club and would put on a veritable feast. Ever the hostess, natural and easy, your guests always…

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    There are 1,825 days in five calendar years. Did you know that? Does that seem like a lot of time to you? Or like less than you had imagined? Have you achieved all you wanted in the last five years? Do you wish you had achieved more, or spent more time doing something that sets your soul alight? Are you happy? In the last 1,825 days I have gone from having one child to two. From being single to married. From healthy to sick. Life changed for us on a sixpence. The day my beautiful sunshine Isla was born, so to came the news that something was there that shouldn’t…

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    The Bionic Woman!

    God, it has been a shockingly long time since I have done a full blog post, but Tom and I just finished watching Home Before Dark on AppleTV, that features the story of a nine year old journalist and it made me remember why I started writing my blog in the first place so I decided to get back to it! I have plans to begin a YouTube channel where I will make some short educational videos about different gynaecological cancers as well as share my story and maybe some vlog type videos too. But before I update on how we all are, I want to take a moment to…

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    An Ode To a Bubbalum

    And now for something completely different! I’m not usually a poet, but, the other night my tiniest girl was having trouble sleeping, and it just sort of popped into my head. Who knows where it came from, but didn’t Percey Shelley do some of his best writing on opiates or something? I’ll not be the poet laureate anytime soon, but I thought it was rather fun and that I’d share x

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    A Little Baby Post: Bamboo Bamboo

    Hello all! I expect if you’re here you’re either a mum of a little, or looking for a gift for a mum with a baby, or maybe you’re just a really devoted blog reader (all of the above just makes you lovely). But this post is about the baby stick-down table wear brand called Bamboo Bamboo. Wildly raved about on the BLW (that’s baby led weaning) pages and groups as great stick down plates and bowls made from, you guessed it, bamboo!

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    Pumpkin Carving & Half Term Round Up

    I’m a tad behind on my posts for the blog because, well… cancer. But I’m here, catching up! During half term, I took my gorgeous biggest little pumpkin carving at a local farm park with some buddies. When we arrived we walked up to the pumpkin patch where each of them picked their own pumpkins to carve.

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    Lucy the Dolly with a Stoma

    During the week I had a visit from my friend Sam, she handed me a little gift bag with two little rag dolls in for my girls. Absolutely gorgeous little dolls with one fabulous feature: they both have little stoma bags. Just like me. I couldn’t stop smiling.