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An Ode To a Bubbalum

And now for something completely different!

I’m not usually a poet, but, the other night my tiniest girl was having trouble sleeping, and it just sort of popped into my head. Who knows where it came from, but didn’t Percey Shelley do some of his best writing on opiates or something?

I’ll not be the poet laureate anytime soon, but I thought it was rather fun and that I’d share x

Here’s an ode to a bubbalum,

So little and tiny

Who just doesn’t know what to do

So is feeling rather whiney


Oh, little Bubbalum

I promise you are fine,

Even when the stars come out

You are always on my mind


So little bubbalum,

It’s time to rest your head

To dream sweet dreams

All tucked up cosy in bed


See you in the morning bright,

My gorgeous little girl

All raring to go with bright button eyes,

Sending my heart into a whirl


*Photo credit goes to my wonderful sister Sophie Taylor who snapped this shot of my beautiful girl. Thank you, Sophie xx

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