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Stay Cervix Savvy

I will never forget asking the surgeon who performed my hysterectomy how it could be possible for me to have had a 3cm tumour develop within three years on a clear smear. He didn’t have an answer for me, except to say that I must have been too embarrassed to report the symptoms to my GP. I didn’t really appreciate the blame being placed firmly on my shoulders, I after all, had done everything right. I followed NHS advice and attended my smear test, a smear test that was supposed to protect me from the very nightmare I had been living.

That day I was told I didn’t need any further treatment, and well sadly you know how that changed.

I wanted to write this post because, as thrilled as I am seeing so many posts by so many different influencers on social media about attending smear tests, and their absolutely critical importance to women’s health and well-being, I wanted to serve as a reminder not to get complacent in light of a clear smear.

Make sure you know your body, know what is normal so you notice when something is abnormal. Know the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer. If something feels wrong go to your GP.

Don’t leave it to chance. Don’t let it slide. If you experience any of these things tell your doctor. Be alert to your body salways and don’t get complacent. Cancer is a devastating disease, it doesn’t just affect the patient, it automatically spreads into family and friends, it automatically changes you.

Just before I go, please allow me to re-assure you that the pain of cervical cancer far outweighs the discomfort or awkward nature of a smear test by far, there is no excuse to not have a smear test ladies. Look after yourselves, you owe yourself that.

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